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Data and Performance

We are data and performance driven.   Each potential innovative or creative planning solution is tested and quantified based on applying, analyzing and understanding each client’s unique data, operations and services.  Each potential solution is measured against final performance.  Our unique process, interactive methodologies and innovative tools assist our clients in making informed decisions that will position their organizations to successfully deliver healthcare to the patients and communities that they serve. 

Analytics, Forecasting and Defining High Performance

Through analytics and an eye on performance, we assist our healthcare clients with:

  • Performance data analytics for strategic planning or organizational mergers
  • Forecasting utilization through unique market analytics
  • Quantifying efficiencies and capacities across large hospital networks
  • Assessing current operations and forecasting quantified results for future lean operational changes
  • Maximizing capacities within current systems and facilities
  • Analyzing and quantifying specific service markets nationwide, regional or local
  • Assist your planning team in scoping, sizing, and planning flexible solutions to meet your projected service needs

Interactive Visualizations and Scenario Planning Tools

We believe data should be interactive and visually stimulating so that it fosters a high energy engagement.  Huddy provides interactive tools to identify key trends and patterns in data.  We create client-unique scenario planning tools for “what if” testing of planning solutions.  This allows our clients to quantify the results of potential changes in key variables and key metrics.  Each of these scenarios can be rapidly tested with the results immediately available for leaders, administrative staff or governing boards.  We are driven is to position our clients thoroughly understand their planning options and how various decisions will impact the delivery of their services in the short and long term.