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A Nurse-Physician Leadership Partnership for Design Success

This is a continuing series from Huddy HealthCare Solution’s ED Design Team on items and issues to consider that will make your next ED design project a success. Team Together to Lead This is a continuation of last week’s article regarding why clinicians need to lead when it comes to participating on your in-house ED design team. This week I cover why the nursing leadership and physician leadership need to be on the same page from the beginning so they both can deliver the best possible design solution. While there are many constituents that will give input during the design […]

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Why Clinicians MUST Take a Leadership Role on the ED Design Team

This is a continuing series from Huddy HealthCare Solution’s ED Team on issues and design considerations for your next ED project. Success Starts with Your Willingness to Lead When it comes to ED design projects, whether those projects are small renovations, department expansions, or complete replacement EDs, there are many participants throughout the entire design and construction process. Even as an architect who designs EDs for a living, I believe that the most important participants on the design team are the clinicians that work every day in the ED. Design teams may include hospital administrators, engineering/facilities directors, architects, and engineers, […]

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Designing Safe and Secure ED Entrances

Design Considerations Series presented by Huddy HealthCare Solutions – ED Design Specialists This is a continuing series from Huddy HealthCare Solution’s ED Team on design considerations that starts today with seven issues to consider with regards to developing a safe and secure ED entry. Proper Design Can Release ED Tensions Emergency Department (ED) patient volumes are increasing and pressures are mounting on EDs across the U.S. The Emergency Nurses Association (US) compiled a report that studied a period from 2009 to 2011 that found that over a typical seven-day, 40-hour work week, 12% of the nurses reported experiencing physical violence […]

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