Forget Anecdotes, Use Your Data to Get a New ED

So many emergency departments are out-of-date and undersized. While hospital administration is pushing for reduced throughput times and elevated patient satisfaction, you, in turn, are fighting a facility that doesn’t support lean workflow or deliver enough capacity. Just complaining about an outdated ED design isn’t going to convince hospital administration to invest in a new ED. Huddy HealthCare’s ED Design Team has developed the analytical tools to prove that you need a new ED. We have predictive models that use your patient care data to prove how a high-performance ED design can impact length of stay and elevate patient satisfaction. Our models can also quantify the impact and importance to overall hospital capacity and its impact on inpatient bed and ancillary utilization.

ED Analytics and Design Leader

Jon Huddy, the author of ACEP’s ED design book, leads a team of analysts, process experts and ED designers that can position your ED for success. Having worked on over 300 ED designs across the country and around the world, Huddy has developed the analytical tools that can benchmark your ED against “like” facilities and patient populations over 250 assessment items. The Huddy ED Assessment Tool clearly and objectively rates your current ED on components that impact public areas, patient intake, rapid access to providers, clinical care areas, ancillary support spaces, EMS support and disaster preparedness.

Hard Facts

We start our analysis by incorporating your patient care data into our analytical models to define your unique patient population and how your ED compares to other similar facilities… and don’t underestimate how little hospital leadership really understands your unique patient population! Our assessment continues with a comprehensive analysis of your physical environment and its support (or deterrent) to efficient, safe, and lean workflow. We then incorporate your operational and patient care data into an animated computer simulation model with your current physical design. This baseline simulation model allows us to objectively define the limitations of your physical department and it’s impact on efficient utilization, throughput and overall capacity.

A View to the Future

Our analytical tools and predictive simulation models deliver an objective assessment of your current physical environment and assist us in defining how your department can be re-designed, or updated, to support high performance. We can test changes to future volumes, acuity changes, operational process improvement and facility modification. There is also the potential to tie this into a model with inpatient beds to see the impact has on overall inpatient capacity. We can team with local architects to help define the best possible design solution within limited budgets or tight architectural spaces. No one can match Huddy HealthCare’s ED design experience, and our ability to deliver successful design solutions.

Upcoming Articles

This article series from Huddy HealthCare’s ED Consulting Team will continue in the coming weeks and include more insights on our unique tools, interactive methodologies and samples of successful outcomes. For more information on how we can help you state your case for a new or updated ED, please contact:


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