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Higher Performance Planning

Huddy HealthCare Solutions delivers planning solutions for strategic, operational and facility master planning to clients looking to position themselves for high performance.  Our national and international healthcare engagements span from the very large, such as working with national and regional health networks, to the very focused targets that assist our clients in quantifying and shaping solutions for individual hospitals, ambulatory campuses, or specific departments.  

Health Care Planning

Jon Huddy leads our planning engagements across the US, Canada, Europe, and around the world.  Strategic planning engagements include the analytics of service line distributions to place the right patient services in the right areas to optimize patient needs and to meet organizational objectives.  Operational planning and lean process redesign engagements target the elimination of waste, the increase of efficiency for front line providers and staff, and the reduction of process times to meet target length of stay goals.  Our process analysts and computer simulation experts work with clients to shape, test and quantify alternative futures for patient flow, provider coverage, and staffing patterns to maximize interaction with patients and families.  Planning may target repurposing of space where appropriate or increased utilization of services in less costly environments.

Facility master plans focus on the cost-effective re-use of existing facility resources before any expansion or redesign is considered.  Planning may include phased obsolescence of older buildings, targeted expansion of key facilities, or an analysis across multiple campuses to target the most cost-efficient reorganization of services to match patient population needs.  Our analytical methods, interactive tools, and a view to the future allow us to position our clients to make informed decisions regarding their alignment of strategic, operational and facility needs.

  • Strategic planning
  • Hospital mergers and acquisitions
  • Market analytics and utilization projections
  • Operational assessment, workflow planning, and process improvement
  • Facility master planning
  • Scope definition
  • Budgeting and capital forecasting