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Marietta, Georgia 30060 USA

Project Challenge:

Huddy HealthCare was engaged to work with the Wellstar Health System in defining the optimal operational workflow, functional space program, and final design for this 200,000 visit Emergency Care Center (ECC). Jon Huddy was engaged as the owner’s emergency department design specialist and represented the owner at each meeting with the ED staff and the architect of record, Earl Swenson Associates (ESa).

The final project was designed on a parcel of land across the street from the hospital with a bridge back to the main campus. Overall, the facility is designed to accommodate 166 total patient care spaces (142 active beds and two shelled 12-bed units totaling 24 future beds).

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First Floor Organization

Separate Adult and Pediatric walk-in entrances are positioned so that a centralized Security Station can monitor all public access to the facility. Ambulances arrive and enter via three separate control points: Adult EMS entry, Pediatric EMS entry, and Trauma/Resuscitation entry which allows direct access to a separate 12 bed high acuity module. The Pediatric Walk-In entry allows for separation of the children from the adults with a specialized Pediatric Care Zone, access to pediatric Imaging (Radiology and CT), and immediate access to the Pediatric Trauma Rooms in the High Acuity Zone. The Adult Walk-In Entry is the portal to the Adult Care Initiation Zone which rapidly screens all patients not rushed to the High Acuity Zone.

Four other 12-Bed Care Zones that are all visibly linked and allow the entire facility to accordion up and down to meet daily patient volumes.  Imaging is centralized to all care zones and Care Initiation. Behavioral Health patients are screened and moved to the upper floor for specialized assessment.

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Second Floor Organization

The second floor of the Emergency Care Center consists of 36 more beds in three care zones: A 12-Bed Behavioral Health Zone, Universal Zone that can flex for 12 more Behavioral Health beds, and another 12-Bed Universal Care Zone. Future expansion is built into the plan with a shell space to add 24 more ED beds and further expansion on the roof for another 12- Bed Care Zone. The second floor also has Imaging support (CT and General Radiology) and the Administrative Support Spaces including support for Graduate Medical Education (GME) conference and educational spaces.

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Fourth Floor Bridge Connection

The highest level of the Emergency Care Center allows access to the upper level of the two-story connection bridge.

This 4th floor connection to the hospital allows direct access to Cath Labs, Interventional Services, Inpatient Units, Critical Care Units and the Birthing Center



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Third Floor Bridge Connections

The third level level of the Emergency Care Center allows access to the roof-top heliport that is designed for a second landing pad in the future.

The bridge to the hospital on the third level is divided into two separate corridors. The north corridor is for patient access directly into the surgery department. The south corridor is for public to access the hospital from the ECC including immediate access down to the hospital cafeteria.



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Lower Level Parking Under ECC

A 168-car parking garage is below the new Emergency Care Center with elevators directly up to patient reception. The parking garage was developed as a flat parking structure to allow for easier public and patient access. The garage is supervised via security cameras linked to the main security office on the main entry level.

The lower level also includes the service docks, materials storage





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