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High-Performance Analytics

Data-Informed, Performance Driven

We team with healthcare clients and planning teams to define data-informed and performance driven solutions. Our focus on data-driven analytics and predictive models allow us to define quantified results for each alternative strategic, operational or facility planning alternative. Each innovative solution is tested and quantified for its ability to maximize utilization of available resources while delivering and maintaining high-performance. We define the future flexibility of each potential solution by “stress-testing” each planning concept with our customized analytical tools. Our analytics allow you to compare and contrast multiple potential variables to quantify the best possible solutions for your organization. 


Comprehensive Healthcare Planning

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Huddy HealthCare’s team of strategic, clinical, operational and facility planning specialists focus on understanding the organizational-wide impacts that each targeted solution may have on overall performance. These impacts can be both foreseen and unforeseen. Our methods include analyzing, researching, and defining how your unique operational variables are linked across your system, hospital or service line. Huddy HealthCare creates customized planning tools and predictive models that link the unique variables of your market/community needs, strategic plans, operational objectives, staffing resources and facility components. In turn, any planning engagement focused on market analytics, developing new strategic pathways, performance improvement or facility planning can be tested for positive impacts across the organization. 


Healthcare organizations leverage our experience and tools to bring them insights and the power to test alternative planning solutions. Architects, planners and consulting firms team with us to expand their analytical capacities and provide quantifiable solutions for their clients. 

  • Strategic planning and support through data-driven analytical tools
  • Market and community-based analytics and predictive models
  • Utilization projections and service demand forecasting
  • Operational planning and process improvement to maximize performance
  • Strategic Facility Master Planning that integrates performance metrics
  • Innovative Facility and Departmental Planning to maximize capacity and reduce length of stay times
  • Scope definition and budgeting within available resources
  • "Speed to market" implementation, design, and construction schedules to meet key organizational performance targets


Emergency Department Specialists

World-Wide Experts

With over 300 emergency department projects world-wide, no one can match Jon Huddy’s expertise with innovations in ED workflow, technology applications, efficient staffing patterns, and unique design solutions. Under Jon Huddy’s direction, Huddy HealthCare delivers physician and nursing experts focused on operational and cultural redesign as part of each engagement to maximize flow and capacity without “over-building.” David White, VP of Analytics, delivers interactive tools and predictive models focused on client-specific utilization projections and computer simulation tools to “stress-test” applicable planning solutions against future unknowns. Jon Huddy’s emphasis on lean design delivers innovations that will accelerate the patient to the physicians, reduce length of stay, and deliver safe, efficient, and flexible solutions.  Hospitals, health systems and governmental health authorities leverage our focus on data-driven and operations-focused designs to define more capacity in less space while healthcare architectural firms team with us to bring an unmatched depth in ED design experience and emergency department innovations from around the globe. 

Key Personnel

Jon Huddy, AIA, NCARB, M.Arch, BA Design

Lead Emergency Department PlannerFort Mill, South Carolina, USA j.huddy@huddyhealthcare.com
Jon Huddy is considered the international expert on emergency department planning and design with having completed over 300 emergency department design projects around the world. He is the author of two editions of the book Emergency Department Design – A Practical Guide to Planning for the Future published by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Solution Saves $9,000,000

Process Improvement Results

Level 1 Trauma Center

Multi-Level ED: 200,000 Visits


  • Trauma Centers
  • University-Affiliated Teaching Hospitals
  • Tertiary Facilities
  • Multi-Campus Health Systems
  • Community and Independent Hospitals
  • Independent hospitals
  • Regional Health Systems
  • National Health Ministries
  • Freestanding Emergency Departments
  • Urgent Care Centers

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